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What Is DC-W.O.W.?

DC-W.O.W. stands for "Desperation Church With Out Walls". This ministry exists to provide opportunities for the entire Desperation Church family to minister the love of God to the community, where it is located, in a multitude of various, tangible, and very practical ways.

At various times, Desperation Church goes into the community with the express purpose of living out the overall mission of our church: "Loving God and Loving Others". Our hearts are desperate to see those in our community get a whole new perspective of Jesus Christ and His followers. We are committed to seeing the walls of our church extend to the four corners of our city and beyond. Rather than constantly coming to church and getting 'fed', we want to go outside the walls and actually "be the church". Ultimately, we long to imitate Jesus, Who humbly wore a towel and shocked people by washing His disciples’ feet. Understanding that this world will only know that we are ‘Christians’ by our love for one another, we are inspired to serve by nothing other than our deep love for God and His passion for creation.

If you'd like to join us, you’ll want to sign up for DC's weekly email update so you can stay informed on the variety of opportunities available. For over three years DC-W.O.W. took place once a month on the fourth Sunday, however, now this ministry has matured to happening multiple times each month, in multiple locations and on various days and times. If you have any further questions, please feel free to inquire at our church offices by calling or stopping by. You may also follow DC-W.O.W. on Twitter to get immediate updates.

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